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Administrative Appeals Tribunal update. Big win at the AAT: Partner visa refusal & Adverse Information – Let no man set asunder

Yet another Partner Visa AAT appeal won by AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers.    And yet again it was a case that had been poorly handled by a migration agent.

The applicant and sponsor had done all the right things – they were married in 2014, they had been in a long term exclusive loving relationship , WITH A BABY and still their incompetent migration agent had managed to get the visa refused.

They were distraught and contemplating leaving Australia by the time they first approached AR LAW SERVICES.  The matter was at this stage before the AAT and had been languishing there for some time.

On review of the case – we secured the file under freedom of information, and it was clear the agent was out of his depth (that is he lack the experience and knowledge to assist in this case)

As I put to the Tribunal, scripture tells us in Matthew 19:6 of the Good Book, that marriage transforms what was two into what is now, “but one flesh; (and) What therefore God (or the sacrament of Marriage) hath joined together, let no man set asunder.”

(I am fairly certain that that particular judge/member had never had to grapple with theological texts before)

However the case in essence turned upon the rather difficult and turgid practice of statutory interpretation – the pedantic dissection of the words, their context and connotation.  In particular, in this case was the study of an adverse departmental report concerning the visa applicants past and statements made by family members.

It is in these situation that legal training possessed by lawyers – Australian Legal Practitioners – comes to the for.

So, don’t risk your money, your visa, your future – trust only a Master Migration Lawyer: Trust AR LAW SERVICES!

Partner Visas. Big win for fairness at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Another AR LAW Services ‘feel good’ Partner Visa story.


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