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help take some of the stress out of visa applications & appeals.

The most cost effective, fairest and easiest way to start: 

If you want AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers to help with your visa or migration matter the best way to start is to have an initial consultation with one of our experienced registered migration agents or lawyers.

We offer face-to-face consultations at our Melbourne office or you can request a phone conference. Please read the conditions below before booking.

Then please complete our short and FREE “Pre-consultation” form.

Based on your information/answers to the “Pre-consultation” form you will then be offered an “Initial 30 Minute Consultation” with a Master Migration Lawyer.

What happens during the “Initial 30 Minute Consultation”?

Following the consultation, you will hold a basic understanding of your options which includes:

  • Empowering information regarding possible visa pathways which may be available to you
  • Knowledge regarding assessment options
  • Risks and benefits of options – possible pitfalls or shortcomings
  • Clear direction: an outline of the main stages in the application process
  • Realistic and clear indicative processing time and cost for each option

Following the initial consultation, you may be in a position to move forward with your matter

AR LAW Services understands that the migration process can be long and complicated if you are unsure of your options, and that is where AR LAW Service’s experience and knowledge can help. Unlike other agencies that prefer to leave you in the dark and keep you dependent on them, we choose to empower you by making everything clear right from the start.

For AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers believe knowledge is power.

Document Checking Service:

The consultation service is intended for people considering using AR LAW Services to assist them with their case. We do not provide document checklists and we do not offer a pre-lodgement document checking service during the initial consultation.

However, AR LAW Services is happy to check documents and provide advice but this will be done at an hourly rate. So, make an initial consultation to discuss your options.

Complete Visa application Service – Fix Lump Sum: No hidden Charges.

Our Services

AR LAW Services knows the best way for you to ensure the success of your application may be to appoint AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers to manage the lodgement and processing of your application.

Our full visa application service includes the following:

  • Creating an overall application strategy
  • Managing each and every step of the application to ensure that critical deadlines are met
  • Advise on required documentation for the application
  • Certification of all copies of documents to be submitted with the application
  • Where necessary, advise on required employer references
  • Draft all submission and draw all forms for the application
  • Assistance with skills assessment
  • Arranging sponsorship/nomination by State or Territory Government where appropriate
  • Liaise with DIAC and facilitate Lodgement of visa application with the appropriate Department of Immigration office
  • Maintaining correspondence with Immigration until a decision is made on your case
  • We will keep you informed and be with you every step of the way.

Fixed Fees

We operate on a fixed fee basis – there are no “hidden charges”.

Following your initial consultation, you will receive a quote for AR LAW Services professional fees to assist with your visa application.

The quote is based on the information you provide. Further services at our usual hourly rate may be necessary if there are undisclosed health or character issues, or due to changes in circumstances.

Visa Refusal and Cancellation Appeals

Advice is available about appealing visa refusals and cancellations to the AAT (including MDR and IAA) and Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court.

Getting Started on Your Visa Application

If you would like to proceed with a visa application through AR LAW Services, the first step is to book an initial consultation.

You will then meet with a Master Migration Lawyer who will review your individual circumstances and guide you through the various visa options available to you.

Most of our initial consultations are done face-to-face at our Melbourne office, but you can also request a phone if you prefer.

Book an Initial Consultation

Our standard consultation booking fee is $200 for 30 Minutes. Be advised if you retain/hire AR LAW Services subsequently these funds or part of may be credited to your future account.

Prior to Your Consultation

So that we can better understand your situation and therefore be in the best position to assist you, we ask that you complete our “Pre –Consultation Form” and email it back to us well ahead of the consultation.

Note that no work will be commenced on your matter until the “pre-consultation form” is completed and the consultation fee has been paid.

We accept cash, direct transfer or credit card.

Further Assistance for qualifying RMAs and Lawyers.

The ABG (AR Business Group) discounts:

Given AR LAW Services continuing commitment to the building of a world class migration advice industry, we are proud to offer a further 20% discount to any RMA or Lawyer when they book and initial 30-minute consultation.

N.B to qualify for the ABG discount the applicant must either be a current member of either:

1) The Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance. VISA (Pty Ltd)

2) The Migration Alliance. MA.

Or a current – and financial, i.e. no debt owing – client of AR SOAR: Student Services (Pty Ltd)

Our Consultation Policy

Please read our “consultation policy”  before making an appointment – this includes our policy on cancellations, or if you are late or miss your appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Initial 30 Minute Information Consultation with a Master Migration Lawyer