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Corporate Migration

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Corporate Migration for Australia
Time is money and you don’t have time to waste on visa “red tape”.
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On this page you will learn how we can assist with:

Business & Investment Visas.  Sponsored Worker Visas. Migration Support for HR. Help for Migration Agents.

For over 20 years AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers have been helping commercial clients in a broad range of migration matters. Our client base includes large companies with international operations through to “Mum & Dad” sole traders. We also have substantial experience in assisting overseas businesses and business migrants in securing relevant visa to Australia.

Given now we operate more and more in a global business environment in which businesses require the services of overseas personnel. Often that the needs may be regular and ongoing, and in others times it is an ad hoc occurrence – for example when an overseas employee is seconded to Australia from an overseas office for professional development training.

AR LAW SERVICES we get it! And we get it because we understand business.

Not only is Anthony Robinson the proprietor of a leading boutique migration law firm with offices throughout Australia but he is the CEO of one of Australia’s leading education & business consultancy firms and the founder and managing director of an Australian lobbyist company.  In addition, he sits on numerous boards and influential inter business government committees.

We listen. We think. We advise. We act.

Our philosophy is simply:

  1. We listen: to you – to your circumstances and objectives.
  2. We think: we do the research and formulate a strategy based on your needs.
  3. We advise: You will be informed of risks, opportunities, costs and timeframes.
  4. We act: We will follow you and implement you instructs.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in:

                      Business Innovation and investment migration to Australia

There are a number of business visas available for those seeking to migrate to Australia. These cater to business ownersexecutives or investors who are interested in pursuing their business interests in Australia. An Australian state or territory may also sponsor applications for visas in these categories.

Independent permanent business visas can be sought by those who have an established business in Australia, have purchased an Australian business or are looking to invest in a business. Significant Investor Visas and Business Talent Visas are also available.

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Sponsored Worker Visas.

Employing foreign nationals to work in Australia. Temporary or Permanently.

Australia is an island – you need workers.

Given AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers over twenty (20) year of experience in both business & employment law and migration law we are well placed to assist with the dynamic and global nature of today’s work force, particularly sub 482 and sub 186 (ENS) visas application

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Migration Support for Business Owners & Human Resource Managers

When employing foreign nationals

AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers is a leading Australia boutique migration law firm with a focus on working with and providing support to human resource managers and business owners. 

Consequently, working with us fundamentally different from working with other migration advisers.

We do not just manage your visa applications!  Think of us as your strategic partners, helping you audit and design better systems around your visa application and compliance processes to meet both your present and future migration needs.

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Help for RMAs & Lawyers with Complex Migration Cases.

(The cost-effective alternative to a junior barrister, and the confidence of a city law firm)

For over 20 years Anthony Robinson has been assisting Lawyers & RMAs with complex cases and difficult points of visa law.  Given he not only holds a law degree (LL.B) from Monash University – one of Australia’s leading Law Schools – but also has a Master of Migration Law degree (LL.M) and is a Fellow of the Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance he is often retained by RMAs and lawyers to assist with complicated visa matters.

Anthony has extensive experience not only through the work of his law firm but also though his committee work where he has regularly advised both businesses and Government on immigration law matters over the last 20 years.

He is available to review documents, draw submission and advise on complex cases.  And of course, it is all in the strictest of confidence.

He also regularly appears before the tribunal.  

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Be advised the Information on this website does not constitute legal advice nor personal/corporate migration advice and should not be treated as such. It is information of a general nature and should not be relied on. For an assessment of your personal circumstances and formal legal/visa advice please speak to our accredited Immigration Lawyer.