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You are reminded that immigration laws and regulations change frequently – and that AR.LAW.Services. is not liable for any changes in immigration laws and regulations or compliance with these regulations or criteria that may effect your application – these include changes resulting after we have assessed you or after commencing your application which may result in your application not being valid or your application being rejected.

It is your responsibility to check and verify all visa criteria and conditions. AR.LAW.Services. is not liable for any conditions being imposed on your visa, nor for your compliance with visa conditions and requirements. AR.LAW.Services, its officers, or employees accept no liability for any direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from the use of any information contained in this site including services rendered by AR.LAW.Services.


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Terms of free initial 30 minute consultation – criteria: this is a discussion of a general nature to provide information as to the process of an application or appeal. It is not legal advice as to a “specific” point of law. It is an introduction and an opportunity for potential clients to meet with the firm and be given general information to then facilitate a decision by the customer as to whether he or she wishes to retain the firm in the future.

Terms and Conditions of “Visa Application Price Match” deal.

1) Be advised the “Visa Application Price”  does NOT include any disbursements nor other costs other than AR LAW Services legal fees.

2) the “Visa Application Price” to be matched by AR LAW Services must be:

in writing,

on letter head of the business making the offer to be matched,

dated and signed by the authorised office representative of the business making the offer to be matched.

3) the “Visa Application Price” is for a comparable service both in standard of work expertise and cost

4) the “Visa Application Price” must be offered only by a current holder of an Australian Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) who is an immigration Solicitor or consultant of comparable status to Mr Anthony J Robinson (MARN 0003574) both in experience, formal qualifications and knowledge.

5) the assessment of the qualifying criteria of the offer to be matched by AR LAW Services is solely at the discretion of AR LAW Services.