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Recovery of moneys owed – Defending or Enforcing – Breach of Contract – Crypto Privacy

AR LAW Services. Lawyers & Consultants have an experienced team who have built up a cost-effective system of recovering monies owing as a result of contracts entered between individuals and/or companies.


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Data Privacy Litigation


AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants is expert in personal privacy litigation, and in crypto exchange data breach cases on behalf of plaintiffs nationwide. If you have experienced crypto theft as the result of a negligent crypto exchange, contact us.

As the crypto world grows larger and each year, and more money flows through exchanges, it becomes a bigger target for hackers. Even the leading exchanges like, Binance and KuCoin have been hacked, resulting in millions of dollars lost in crypto theft. While it might seem like there is no recourse, the crypto exchange may be liable for the loss of your funds.

Unless you have your crypto locked in cold storage, in a wallet, your funds may be vulnerable. Crypto exchanges generally keep holdings in a default wallet, and every time the funds are moved, they are more vulnerable to attack.

Cybercriminals now regularly breach crypto security systems, obtain key information sets, and bypass two-factor authentication and other security systems to steal funds.

Many blockchain and crypto technologies are still experimental and have inherent vulnerabilities. Thus the funds are often compromised, and there are cases of exit scams and fraudulent coin launches. Cases of crypto exchange data breaches, theft, and investor losses are reported frequently.


How We Recover your Money

A ‘Letter of demand’ is sent to the debtor. This letter needs to be thoughtfully formatted so that it is legally admissible in the court of law. Consequently, we include: specific details of the debt, a request that the payment is made by a certain date; and a warning that legal proceedings will be pursued if payment is not received by the mentioned date.

Suing for debt.

Court proceedings commence with filing a Statement of Claim. The amount and nature of debt influences the proceedings of the court. Also, the forms required vary, making it all the more important to hire a professional.

The response from the debtor towards the Statement of Claim determines our further action. They may agree to an instalment order, file a defence or might not respond at all. If the debtor chooses to stay quiet, a Court Judgement shall be obtained.

Court Judgements

What can the Courts do?

  • Seizing property, where the debtor’s assets are seized and sold at auction
  • Selling Real Estate to compensate for your debt
  • Summons, where the debtor has to attend a public Court examination to communicate their assets and liabilities
  • Garnishee Order, where a percentage of their wages are given to you
  • Bankruptcy/winding up proceedings


Let us Can Help!


AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants are experts in the debt recuperation proceedings in Victoria.

From the initial framing of an effective and legally sound letter of demand to seeking the final judgement from the court.

We are tough, smart and cost-effective.

We are experienced and expert in the process of enforcing judgments and can effectively lead the process right through to bankruptcy or company winding up proceedings if available.

We have a profound knowledge in debt litigation costs and whether it is commercially viable to proceed to Court and likelihood of success

In addition to the recovery of monies, we are able to provide you with advice on structuring your business in order to minimise contractual disputes. We also are able to advise you on how best to protect yourself against frivolous claims.

To discuss how we may help with your matter AR LAW Services offer for a flat fee of $200 (gst included) a no obligation initial 30 Minute consultation. 

Please book an appointment either call our 24 hour 7 day a week number or click below.

(03) 9614 0218

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