You wouldn’t go to a Vet if you were sick: so why trust anyone else but a Master Migration Lawyer with your visa or migration law issues!

Vets ( veterinarian ) animal medics: even the best vets in the world aren’t doctors, similarly migration agents as good as they maybe are NOT Migration Lawyers.

In the light of the recent major change to the Australian Migration Law, (end of dual regulation of Immigration Lawyers by MARA) now more then ever it is important that if you or anyone you know is thinking about applying for a visa or had a visa refused or cancelled; or if your business has had a nomination or sponsorship refused or cancelled; or if you are thinking of applying for Australian Citizenship; or if you are seeking protection – trust only a Migration Lawyer.

The Australian Law has recently changed and the new Law makes clear the distinction between migration agents and Migration Lawyers – so don’t be fooled – Don’t Risk Your Money, Your Visa or Your Future: Trust only a Master Migration Lawyer.

So if you or anyone you know is thinking of applying or currently has a visa application pending, or have had a visa refused or cancelled, or similarly have an appeal pending at a tribunal or Federal Court: talk to us.  Remember TRUST ONLY a Master Migration Lawyer and make an appointment with AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyer.

Book an initial 30 minute consultation for a flat fixed fee for the initial 30 minutes to discuss your issue with a Master Migration Lawyer and to see if you qualify for a “ABG Coronavirus Grant” and thereby be eligible for significant savings.

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