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Updates: Business visa law – new forms for various visa applications

It is both surprising and disappointing how much work comes my way due to the most basic and avoidable mistakes. Many of these errors are due to poorly trained, ill informed and negligent work by “dodgy” migration agents – so if you take anything from reading this post, take this: Don’t risk your Visa, your Money or Your Future – Trust only a Master Migration Lawyer.

If you feel you have receive negligent migration advice, you may have options to remedy the situation. Talk to us.

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What I will say as a general rule is always read the document – the forms & instructions – closely and check all relevant dates.

For people applying or thinking of applying for the following classes take note of the recent changes:

Business Skills Business Talent (Permanent) (Class EA); Business Skills (Permanent) (Class EC); Business Skills (Provisional) (Class EB); Business Skills (Residence) (Class DF); Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL); Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX); Business Skills (Provisional) (Class UR).

The explanatory memorandum states:

3. The instrument operates to specify the approved form for making a valid application for the following visa classes:

a. Business Skills Business Talent (Permanent) (Class EA) visa;

b. Business Skills (Permanent) (Class EC) visa;

c. Business Skills (Provisional) (Class EB) visa;

d. Business Skills (Residence) (Class DF) visa;

e. Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL) visa;

f. Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX) visa;

g. Business Skills (Provisional) (Class UR) visa.

4. The instrument also operates to specify the place for lodgement and the manner in which an application must be made to ensure a valid application is made for the relevant visa class.

5. The purpose of the instrument is to specify an additional approved form, place and manner for Distinguished Talent (Migrant) (Class AL) visa and Distinguished Talent (Residence) (Class BX) visa (Distinguished Talent visa) applicants. A Distinguished Talent visa applicant may make their application using Form 47DT (Internet) as an internet application. This is in addition to the ability of Distinguished Talent visa applicants to make their application using Form 47SV by post, courier or using the Global Talent contact form available at the following address Distinguished Talent visa applicants will therefore have more options in which to lodge an application for a visa, providing an additional benefit to these applicants.

So if you or anyone you know is thinking of applying for a Business visa or any Australian visa or has had a visa refused or cancelled make an appointment with a Master Migration Lawyer.

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