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Visa cancellations under section 501 character grounds record high.

In 2015, according to figures released by the department of immigration, a record 580 people had their visas cancelled on character grounds. Given Immigration Minister Peter Dutton now has greater powers to cancel visas and has been using them to deport more non-citizens the number of cancellations has been steadily rising.

Under the new laws, the minister no longer looks at family ties or length of residency inter alia when making the cancellation decision. And as his statement shows his policy position is clear:

“My message to the minority of people who travel to Australia and violate community standards is that they should consider themselves on notice; we will continue to target you by cancelling your visa and will remove you from Australia as soon as possible.” Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton.

If you or anyone you know is subject to cancellation on character grounds or is applying for a visa or if you have had a  visa refused for FRAUD or any other reason please speak to one of the lawyers at our office for thorough advice on your options.

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