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Visa Refusal: 5 common reasons why visa applications get refused.

For over twenty (20) years I have been helping people from around the world get and keep Australian visas and Australian citizenship, whether it be a work or business visa for one of my major corporate clients or a partner visa, a student or 485 Skilled visa.  Whether it is an application or an appeal on health or character grounds. The number one reason that visas get rejected is because of bad advice.

1) Dodgy migration agents (incompetent and dishonest) migration agents, destroy so many applications.  So I urge you: Don’t Risk Your Money, Your Future, Your Visa, Trust only a Master Migration Lawyer like AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration & Visa Lawyers.

Dodgy Migration Agents. What to do if they destroy your visa application?

2) Inadequate or Misleading Information (PIC 4020) The importance of providing correct and up to date information required for your visa can not be over stated. During the interview with the case officer, questions will be asked about your provided information and statements. Visa application will be refused certainly if you provide misleading or inadequate information about you. If the Department of Home Affairs finds out that the information provided is not correct, they may also charge you for visa fraud. Students must provide complete and correct information about the required fields to evade the change of visa refusal.

Once again “Dodgy” migration agents are a big problem as is PIC 4020.


Visa refusal PIC 4020. Have you been “cheated” by a migration agent migration consultant? Trust only a Master Migration Lawyer with Your Visa, Your Money Your Future!

3) Health Issues: You can’t always avoid bad luck but you can hire a good lawyers! To get the Australian visa, you must meet the health and character requirements. Few medical examinations and x-rays will be conducted by the specified panel of doctors to check whether the applicant meets the health requirements or not. Medical clearance is essential to get any visa for Australia. AR LAW SERVICES has won many very difficult health cases. We have appealed cases to do with clients with HIV to advanced heart condition, From kidney cases to cases like this:

AR LAW Services wins Down Syndrome Health Waiver Case. AR LAW Services wins another AAT visa refusal health appeal and a little girl’s Australian “dream comes true”.

4) Failure to meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements. Yet again much of the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) work and Federal Circuit Court appeal cases are to do with “fixing” bad advice from dodgy migration agents.

GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant). Has your visa been refused on GTE grounds? AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers may get you some “satisfaction”.

5) Character Grounds: This can be a huge issues arising from major crime – section 501 cases – to breach of condition s116 matters. (Many case arise out of domestic/family violence cases and other issues not strictly to do with visa law – that is why you need a lawyer)  Once again these cases – if you get sound legal advice early – may not be visited by failure.

Unfortunately, like so many refusals much of the blame for the refusal can be attributed to the poor work of dodgy migration agents.  

Important Win for Refugees with a criminal history.


So if you, or anyone you know has had a visa or a citizenship application refused: either by the department or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or even the Federal Circuit Court talk to us. Book an initial 30 minute consultation for a flat fixed fee for the initial 30 minutes to discuss your issue with a Master Migration Lawyer

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Finally if you believe your application has been refused due to the work or a dodgy migration agent or you feel you have been cheated or lied to talk to us.



More Dodgy Migration Agents arrested – We Sue dodgy Migration Agents.


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