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Why use a migration agent now they are merely agents of the Government

Migration Agents – a risk to your confidentiality

This email shows Migration Agents are now DIRECTLY over seen by DIAC.

This is an official email from DIAC management

“Thank you for your email of Wednesday 2 September where you sought information about the OMARA.  The 2014  Review of the OMARA recommended that the OMARA be fully integrated back into the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

This integration was completed with effect from 1 July 2015 and the OMARA now sits in the Visa and Citizenship Services Group of the Department which reports to the Secretary of the Department. The OMARA now reports directly to Ms Mary-Jane Jones, Regional Director NSW/ACT.

If you or anyone you know has had a visa refused or cancelled – if they have problems with their visa – are you unlawful or do you have questions regarding Australian Citizenship speak only to a

Master Immigration Lawyer, a Master Immigration Lawyer like AR LAW Services.

The law has now changed and Migration Agents/ Education Agents are now directly controlled by the Australian government so Migration Agents cannot protect your confidentially Only an Immigration Lawyer can keep you secrets safe.

So call  03 96140218 or email to arrange a free initial 30 minute conference at our Melbourne office to discuss your legal options.