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Yes Minister Giles. Andrew Giles, the new Australian immigration and citizenship minister

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has unveiled his cabinet after his Labor Party claimed the 77th seat to form a majority government. Andrew Giles will be Australia’s new immigration minister.

“This is an exciting team, it’s a team which is overflowing with talent, with people who are absolutely committed to making a difference as ministers and assistant ministers in my government,” said Prime Minister Albanese.

“This is the largest number of women who have ever served in an Australian cabinet, with ten women in the cabinet. In addition to that, in terms of the ministry, there are 13 women in the ministry and 19 frontbenchers. A record number in all three categories for women’s representation in cabinet, in ministry and in front bench positions,” he added.

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Immigration portfolio not in cabinet

Anthony Albanese has put the Immigration portfolio into the outer ministry, handing it over to Andrew Giles, who represents the electorate of Scullin in Melbourne’s north.

After being announced as the Minister for Immigration, Mr Giles said, “It’s an incredible honour to take on the role of Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs in the Albanese Labor Government. There’s so much work to be done, and it’s so important to who we are, and how we rebuild. Can’t wait to get started.”


Andrew was elected as Member for Scullin in 2013. During the previous Scott Morrison government, Mr Giles was the Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs. He said he was committed to ‘bringing all Australians together to benefit from Australia’s multicultural diversity, working towards a country in which no one is held back, and no one is left behind.’

Immigration and social policy are his interest areas, including cities, work’s future, and climate change. He has “contributed to public debate, as well as policy formulation on these issues and on improving the health of our democracy.”

Before going to the parliament in 2013, Mr Giles mainly worked as an employment lawyer. He lives with his wife Jill and two young children – Daniel and Alice.

AR LAW SERVICES wishes him well and look forward to working with him and the department he leads department