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AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants is a Melbourne based Australian immigration and regulatory law firm with offices throughout Australia.  Built upon a foundation of integrity, expertise and commitment to success, we take pride in delivering legal services that are both exceptional and cost-effective.

For more than 20 years AR LAW Services has been helping both individuals and organisations with their legal & regulatory needs in migration, visa, citizenship and general law.  We are particularly expert in the emerging legal fields of Crimmigration & the law surrounding blockchain, start-ups and crypto-privacy.

Our Principal Lawyer – Mr Anthony Robinson. BA. LLB. GDLP. LLM. SF.VISA : Master Migration Lawyer – not only knows the law, but he also understands people. He also knows that getting a visa, or bringing a worker to Australia, is often time consuming, frustrating and difficult – and keeping a visa, even harder.

That is why, for over 20 years, we have been a leading Australian immigration, crimmigration & regulatory law firm – widely regarded as one of Australia’s best and most trusted boutique Law firms.  For at AR LAW Services we aim to give you honest, superior advice and intelligent solutions at a cost-effective price.


Personal Migration

Partner Visas
Skilled Visas
Family Visas
Graduate (485) Visa
Students Visa
Citizenship & Resident Return Visa

Coporate Migration

Business Visas
Investment Visas
Sponsored Worker Visas
Sub 482 & ENS Visas
Migration Support for HR
State Sponsored
Help for Migration Agents


Tribunal Reviews (AAT/IAA)
Federal Circuit Courts
Federal & High Courts
Ministerial Intervention
All Visa, Nomination & Citizenship
Refusal & Cancellation Matters


                          Criminal Defence                             Crimmigration 
Divorce/Intervention Orders
   Blockchain Law   
Debt Recovery
                              Budget Wills                                    Human rights & Crypto-privacy


  1. We aim to provide clear advice & comprehensive service in all areas of Australian Immigration law at a cost-effective price.
  2. For Certainty in these times of Change -we offer Fixed/Lump Sum Professional Fees and Payment Plans for Peace of Mind.
  3. We have members of staff from around the world, consequently staff speak: English, Spanish, Bahasa, German and Chinese.
  4. We have been ranked in the Top 5 Firms of Australian Immigration Law firms.
  5. We have a profound knowledge of the law and are ruthless in pursuing our objective, yet with a great sense of respect and empathy for our clients’ needs – we listen!
  6. We are immigration lawyers NOT migration agents consequently we are able to offer a suite of adjunct and complimentary legal services, including assistance with: Divorce & Family law, Criminal Defence & Intervention Orders, Debt Recovery & Compensation Law, Business & Employment Law and Human Rights.