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AR LAW Services  |  Lawyers & Consultants  |  Masters of Australian Migration and Visa Law

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Australian Immigration & LITIGATION Lawyers
Masters of Migration, Citizenship, Visa AND Compliance Law
Specialists Crimmigration & Compensation Solicitors

AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration & Litigation Lawyers is a Melbourne based full service Australian immigration and litigation law firm with offices throughout Australia.  Built upon a foundation of integrity, expertise and commitment to success, we take pride in delivering legal services that are both exceptional and cost-effective.

For more than 20 years AR LAW SERVICES has been helping both individuals and organisations with their legal needs in migration, visa, citizenship and general law.  We are particularly expert in the emerging legal fields of Crimmigration defence & the law surrounding blockchain, civil recovery  and crypto-privacy. (We help victims of scams)

Our Principal Lawyer – Mr Anthony Robinson. BA. LLB. GDLP. LLM. SF.VISA : Master Migration & Litigation Lawyer – not only knows the law, but he also understands people. He also knows that getting a visa, or bringing a worker to Australia, is often time consuming, frustrating and difficult – and keeping a visa, even harder.

That is why, for over 25 years, we have been a leading Australian immigration, crimmigration & regulatory law firm – widely regarded as one of Australia’s best and most trusted boutique Law firms.  For at AR LAW Services we aim to give you honest, superior advice and intelligent solutions at a cost-effective price.

Do you feel cheated? Didn’t get what you paid for?  We help people get justice and compensation!   We sue “dodgy” (dishonest, incompetent, bad) migration agents!

                                                                                      Don’t Risk 

  Your Money                                                                                                                         Your Visa                                                                                                                               Your Future

                                                                                                                          Trust Only A Master Migration Lawyer



OUR SERVICES - our mission
A JUSTer World - A FAIRER WORLD - A world without borders

Personal Migration

Partner Visas
Skilled Visas
Family Visas
Graduate (485) Visa
Students Visa
Citizenship & Resident Return Visa

Coporate Migration

Business Visas
Investment Visas
Sponsored Worker Visas
Sub 482 & ENS Visas
Migration Support for HR
State Sponsored
Help for Migration Agents


Tribunal Reviews (AAT/IAA)
Federal Circuit Courts
Federal & High Courts
Ministerial Intervention
All Visa, Nomination & Citizenship
               Refusal & Cancellation Matters                    Civil Litigation


                          Criminal Defence                             Crimmigration 
Divorce/Intervention Orders
   Blockchain Law   
Debt Recovery
                              Budget Wills                                    Human rights & Crypto-privacy


  1. We aim to provide clear advice & comprehensive service in all areas of Australian Immigration law at a cost-effective price.
  2. For Certainty in these times of Change -we offer Fixed/Lump Sum Professional Fees and Payment Plans for Peace of Mind.
  3. We have members of staff from around the world, consequently staff speak: English, Spanish, Bahasa, German and Chinese.
  4. We have been ranked in the Top 5 Firms of Australian Immigration Law firms.
  5. We have a profound knowledge of the law and are ruthless in pursuing our objective, yet with a great sense of respect and empathy for our clients’ needs – we listen!
  6. We are immigration lawyers NOT migration agents consequently we are able to offer a suite of adjunct and complimentary legal services, including assistance with: Divorce & Family law, Criminal Defence & Intervention Orders, Debt Recovery & Compensation Law, Business & Employment Law and Human Rights.