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Student Visas

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Student Visas Australia

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Student Visa Australia – Applications & Appeals. Guardian Visas Australia

You’re busy studying & living – that is hard enough without having to worrying about visa red tape

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AR Law Services delivers professional and exceptional service when it comes to any aspect of the legal system. I was referred to AR Law services and had Anthony looking after my immigration papers, while the immigration laws were ever changing – ‘not that this has changed in any way as we speak’.I would highly recommend their services to anyone who requires genuine insight and expect results, since I have many friends whom I have referred personally and the outcome has never been unfavourable. I believe that being at the top of the game is what differs AR Law Services from other lawyers. The timeliness and completeness of the methods adopted greatly assisted myself when I was still at university; trust me removing the hassle of having to scramble around to ensure that nothing is missed is potentially the biggest challenge when it comes to the department. In saying all of this, it would be thanks to their guidance and advice that I have reached to where I’m at today. Please do yourself a favour and hit them up if you have any questions – they are the best in the business! Period

Sandy Marday
Management Accountant
(Student Visa – 485 Visa – PR Visa)

I – for lots of personal reasons – didn’t attend my college and my student visa was cancelled. Mr Anthony Robinson help me get through a very difficult time in my life, he cares and he listens – he sent me to a really good doctor and it really help. Anyway, he won my visa back at the AAT. He is the best migration lawyer in town.  He saved my visa and my life. So if you get into trouble – cancelled visa or not what – rush to call Mr Robinson.

Helen N
Student Visa Cancellation.

Student Visas Applications
A Master Migration Lawyer


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The Student Visa allows you to attend a whole-term course in Australia. You may decide to study in Australia to further your knowledge or improve your English. We will considering your options, balancing your desires and what Australia has to offer.

With its world-recognised universities and colleges, Melbourne and the other major cities offer a wide variety of choices if you apply for a Student Visa. With plenty of nature, hundreds of courses to choose from and an authentic international environment, your Student Visa experience will be amazing in Australia!

AR LAW Service. Master Migration Lawyers have been helping international students to their Student Visas for about twenty (20) years.

So starting an international career as a student in Australia is exciting but daunting adventure!

Student Visa Requirements

To qualify for a student visa, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements

Be a genuine student intending to undertake studies and abide by the visa conditions

Be accepted by the education provider in a full-time registered course

Have adequate means of financial support for the period of the course. this means that the applicant should have ready access to liquid assets (like bank balances, fixed deposits, bank loans) required to meet the course fees, living costs and other associated costs like airfares, health insurance.

Have the required IELTS / PTE/ OTE band level

Have good reasons for not undertaking studies in your home country if a similar course is available

Should have a consistent education and employment background

Be of good health

Be of good character, this means that the applicant should not have any criminal convictions, criminal charges or pending court hearings

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Our standard consultation booking fee is $200 for 30 Minutes. Be advised if you retain/hire AR LAW Services subsequently these funds or part of may be credited to your future account.

Appeals for Refused or Cancelled Student Visas

  • Has your student visa been CANCELLED?
  • Has your visa been REFUSED?
  • Do understand what it is to be Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Have you been contacted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection?
  • Have you BREACHED your visa conditions?
  • Have you breached your work conditions?
  • Have you NOT attended College?
  • Have you broken the LAW?
  • ARE YOU GOING TO THE Federal Circuit Court?
  • Are you UNLAWFUL?

For all Student visa matters talk to AR LAW Services for cost effective expert advice.

Book an Initial Consultation

Our standard consultation booking fee is $200 for 30 Minutes. Be advised if you retain/hire AR LAW Services subsequently these funds or part of may be credited to your future account.

AR LAW Services: Masters Migration Lawyers are expert in all Australian student visa applications and Migration Review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) appeals.

So for honest and straight forward advice make an appointment today with a master immigration lawyer: and get it right the first time.

Important Recent Case Won by AR LAW Services regarding Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
[GTE MUST be met successfully by the visa applicant to have the visa granted]


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Be advised the Information on this website does not constitute legal advice nor personal/corporate migration advice and should not be treated as such. It is information of a general nature and should not be relied on. For an assessment of your personal circumstances and formal legal/visa advice please speak to our accredited Immigration Lawyer.