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Personal Migration

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Personal Migration to Australia
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On this page you will learn how we can assist with:

Partner Visas

To sponsoring the love of your life: a Partner. Including same sex or potential spouse.  “Natural justice” matters including Schedule III and Family Violence issues.

See how we can help –  click to Partner page

Family Visas

Family Visas – to bring loved ones to Australia.

See how we can help –  click to Family page

Skilled Visas

For Skilled people: professional and Tradesmen wanting to live and work in Australia visa.

See how we can help –  click to Skilled Visa page

Student Visas

For international Students wanting to study in or to extend a visa or to stay in Australia.

See how we can help –  click to Student Visa page.

Refugee & Protection Visas. Human Rights & Humanitarian Cases

See how we can help –  click to Refugee Visa page

Regional Visas 491 & 494 Visas

See how we can help –  click to State Nominated Visa page.

Graduate 485 Visas

For recent graduates wishing to remain in Australia to work and assess their options or those wishing to undertake Training in Australia.

See how we can help –  click to Graduate 485 Visas page.

Citizenship and Resident Return Visas

For people wishing to become Citizens of Australia and for Permanent Visa holder wishing to return.

 See how we can help –  click to Citizenship Visa page.

Australian Migration Law: Want to Live, Visit, Study, Work or do Business in Australia?

Are you interested in becoming an Australian “Permanent Resident (PR)” or Australian citizen?

Are you having Problems securing or maintaining your visa?

For all Immigration law questions AR LAW Services:  Masters Migration Lawyers may be the solution.

AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers can provide assistance in all aspects of immigration and nationality law. AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers and Citizenship Consultants, are able to represent individuals as well as domestic and multi-national corporations already operating, or establishing, within Australia.

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Sponsor worker
482 & ENS visas

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Federal Circuit Court appeal

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ATT Appeals
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Business & Investment

Be advised the Information on this website does not constitute legal advice nor personal/corporate migration advice and should not be treated as such. It is information of a general nature and should not be relied on. For an assessment of your personal circumstances and formal legal/visa advice please speak to our accredited Immigration Lawyer.