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Help for Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers with Complex Cases. Assistance & Referral Services. (Legal defense: OMARA Complaints)

It is a lonely and cut throat world out there. Given how dynamic immigration and visa law is, sometimes when you get a difficult case (or a difficult client) you feel it would be great to get a second opinion.  Or if you are completely out of your depth, you may wish to hand the matter over to a team who will not only look after your client but also look after you.

It is understandable! You want the best for you client and you want peace of mind. 

For over twenty (20) years Anthony Robinson BA. LLB. GCLP. LLM. F.VISA has been

Helping RMAs and Lawyers with complex matters.

ABG (AR Business Group) Discount For VISA (Victorian Immigration Solicitors’ Alliance) Members & Migration Alliance (MA) Members.

AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers can provide expert assistance to ensure your clients’ matters are handled properly. We provide accurate, timely and cost-effective advice on a confidential basis, including but not limited to:

  • Drawing submissions at first instance – that is to the Department
  • Drafting applications at first instance – that is to the Department
  • Drafting application or making submissions to the Tribunal. (Administrative Appeals Tribunal or Immigration Assessment Authority)
  • Appear at the Tribunal. [Given we have a strong history of advocacy – we appear as a Solicitor Advocate, similar to a Barrister but at a more cost-effective price]
  • Federal Circuit Court and Federal Court matters. We are happy to take over the matter on a referral basis, or
  • For a flat fee, advise as to grounds of appeal and settle the Application and other papers.

S501 – Criminal & Character Matters and the interface with migration law:

Given Anthony has an extensive knowledge of criminal matters, as the public record will attest, he has appeared and currently represents some of Australia’s most well-known defendants, he is well place to assist with character matters particularly s501 revocation applications and AAT (General List) appeals.

Anthony has been assisting RMAs and Immigration lawyers for over 20 years.  Think of this service as a confidential support centre, a team that you can “outsource” complex cases to but still keep control of the client. Similar to briefing a barrister but at a more cost-effective price.

Better than briefing a junior barrister:  It is the best of both worlds, an experienced advocate with more than 20 years’ experience and the support of a leading boutique law firm.

If you have a complex case and wish for confidential, timely and cost-effective support -Talk to us!

                                                                                                                                 OMARA COMPLAINTS

Legal Defense for Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers who face regulatory and legal claims.

Negligence? Fraud? Are you being Investigated by OMARA?        Are you being pursued for breach of contract?

With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of fighting hard for our clients best interests, AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration & Regulatory Lawyer are the best team to have in your corner whether it is OMARA, VCAT, AAT or the Courts.

If a client has lodged an official complaint regarding you to OMARA and you wish for confidential, timely and cost-effective support -Talk to us!


Initial 30 Minute Information Consultation with a Master Migration Lawyer

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Be advised the Information on this website does not constitute legal advice nor personal/corporate migration advice and should not be treated as such. It is information of a general nature and should not be relied on. For an assessment of your personal circumstances and formal legal/visa advice please speak to our accredited Immigration Lawyer.