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Court Appeals

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Federal Court Appeals

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Mr Robinson recently won my Federal Court Case. It was an appeal from the AAT because my partner visa had been refused. Not only did AR LAW Services win the Federal Court case but they also won a refund, that is got the Minister/DIBP to pay some of my legal fees. I would definitely recommend AR LAW SERVICES to anyone.

Puneet Singh   
(Federal Court Appeal)


Boat Arrival Case

I and my family came to Australia by boat seeking asylum and safety – we are refugee.  We were put in detention. Our appeals all lost. Our life was bad – we were to be sent from Australia.  Then we found Mr Robinson. He not only won our Federal Court Case – he truly saved our lives. God bless you.  If you need a lawyer – Mr Robinson is a great lawyer and a Great man!

Federal Court Justice for refugees who arrived by boat! Big win for Protection Visa – IAA appeal to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

So, you lost at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the Immigration Assessment Authority – what now?

If you receive an unfavourable decision in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal than one option is to appeal that decision in the Federal Court.

Unlike the tribunal, which deals with the merits of you case, the Federal Court is concerned with the legal “process” in arriving at the AAT’s determination.

It is a highly technical and formal process. Strict rules in the nature of format of applications must be adhered to at all times.

The first Court of appeal from the Tribunal is usually the Federal Circuit Court

Anthony Robinson is an officer of the High Court of Australia

Because AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers’ principal is an officer of the High Court we are scrupulous in compiling to the technical rigors of the Australian Federal Court procedures.

Grounds of Appeal.

Unlike the Tribunal to appeal to the Federal Circuit Court a “ground of appeal” or technical reason is needed to apply. With out such a legally qualifying reason it is unsafe to proceed, and to do so would mean not only you lose but also you may be liable for huge costs.

Fixed Fee Grounds of Appeal Package.

Many people come to AR LAW SERVICES: Master Migration Lawyers having already been represented by other lawyers or migration agents, consequently they often have one question:  Do I have a winnable case?

AR LAW SERVICES has developed a very successful (and popular) “Fixed Fee Grounds of Appeal Package”.  In this process, following our initial consultation and within a few days of being retained, we will review your instruction, that is your history, your file and your Tribunal decision etc, and quickly provide you with a detailed, formal and written answer.

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