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Budget Wills

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Budget Basic Wills

Help for Australian Citizens and Visa holders when dealing with the grim reality of life:

On this page you will learn how we can help you deal with:
Drafting a cost effective and legally binding last will and testament.

We also have a growing niche market assisting those who currently hold Crypto

So you have got a good job, car – perhaps bought a property or two and you have a partner and maybe a couple of kids  – – a dog:   Do you have a will?

No one likes to think about death – we understand that but remember the only thing sadder than dying, is dying without a legal will.

For peace of mind.

AR LAW SERVICES: Lawyers & Consultants understands the importance of planning how your Estate might be distributed after your death.  Our team recognise that in order to give certainty to distribution after death, you need a comprehensive plan that is subject to review if events such as separation or marriage occur.

Please book an appointment either call our 24 hour 7 day a week number or click below.

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Life it is what happens when we are making other plans: education, career, marriage, children, retirement, travel… but what’s next?

At some point, you’ll need a will – why not now?

To ensure that your assets are distributed the way that you want them to be.

To protect you and stop the government from deciding who gets your things.

So you can provide for your loved ones – family and friends when you are no longer able to.

A well drafted will protects your family and friends by limiting the capacity for your wishes to be challenged.

And reduce paperwork and stress for your family and friends. (they will be in grief and morning – the last thing they will want to do is deal with a badly drafted will.)

We know it can be daunting – but it’s necessary, it’s worth it.

We have expert knowledge and use years of commercial experience to provide you with the best possible service using plain English explanations.  We work with you to investigate issues surrounding your Estate and explore the risks and benefits of all decisions before they are made.

So take charge of your affairs and for peace of mind call or email AR LAW Services today to arrange an initial 30 Minute consultation to discuss how we can help and protect your property from the Government and ensure your wishes are respected.

Be advised this is a “basic budget will” service. AR LAW Services is happy to assist with complex will but that will be charged at our usual hourly rate.

Please book an appointment either call our 24 hour 7 day a week number or click below.

(03) 9614 0218


                                         Cryptocurrency and Estate Planning:

In Australia although cryptocurrency is treated differently to regular currency, it is nonetheless recognised as an asset and therefore capable of being gifted in a Will.

Therefor it may form a specific gift to a beneficiary or beneficiaries, or it may be dealt with as part of the residue of the whole Estate.

It is very important perhaps the most important thing is to ensure that the Executor is aware of the existence of the cryptocurrency and is provided with sufficient information to be able to access it. (The horror stories of lost keys and computers should stand as a cautionary tale.) You must ensure you keep detailed records of what cryptocurrency you hold, the type of wallet in which it is held, and how to access that specific wallet including any security information.


It is recommend that you do not including this information in your Will as, once Probate has been granted, this is a public document.

Given cryptocurrency is rapidly evolving, it is also important to ensure your Will remains up to date in respect of your cryptocurrency holdings. If you are gifting specific cryptocurrency to a specific beneficiary, make sure you keep this gift updated based on what cryptocurrency you have, and remember that cryptocurrency rapidly fluctuates in value which could have a substantial impact on the size of the gift being provided.

There may also be tax implications to consider when including cryptocurrency in your estate planning. Anyone who is involved in the acquiring or disposing of cryptocurrency is subject to varied tax consequences depending upon their circumstances and this may include any beneficiaries who obtain cryptocurrency through a Will. We recommend that, in addition to legal advice about your estate planning, you obtain financial advice in this regard.

So if you or anyone you know holds crypto it is important that you secure sound legal advice.  At AR LAW SERVICES we understand wills and crypto. So make an appointment and let us help with a will that reflects how you wish to deal with you Keys and crypto once your gone.

                                                                        Please book an appointment either call our 24 hour 7 day a week number or click below.

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