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AAT WIN FOR GTE – or AR LAW Services wins another GTE visa appeal!

AR LAW Services was recently retained by a client – a very successful business woman who had live studied and worked in Australia for over 10 years.  She ran – among other things an accounting and investment business.

Unfortunately the migration agent who applied for her last visa failed to handle the delicate issue of genuine temporary entrant (GTE) correctly or appropriately consequently her visa application was rejected; throwing her, her husband and their 3 children’s’ life in Australia into doubt and plunging the family into turmoil, angst and distress.

(For more on the GTE policy see our blog )

Fortunately she had the good sense to seek sound legal advice form an immigration lawyer rather than remain with a cheap and incompetent migration agent.

She consulted widely eventually retaining/hiring AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers to manager her appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.(AAT).

After a day and a morning before the tribunal AR LAW Services was able to explain the relevant policy and how it sat with the concept of Australian visa law: the AAT agreed with our argument and the client won and the visa was granted.

She and her family can now continue their successful and long term life in Australia.

So if you or anyone you know has had a visa refused on (GTE) grounds, that is the belief that you are NOT a Genuine Temporary Entrant  make an appointment with a Master Migration Lawyer.

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