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Another Migration Agent/Education Agent arrested

As noted by the ABC news:

Bobby Singh and two of his associates, Mukesh Sharma and Rakesh Kumar, have running an immigration racket.

As well as his labour hire companies which supply Australia Post, Bobby Singh owns and runs St. Stephen Institute of Education in Melbourne’s outer-north. Rakesh Kumar is also a part-owner of the company.

Mukesh Sharma owns and runs another training college, Symbiosis Institute of Technical Education, which operates above this fish wholesaler in Footscray.

The colleges charge international students up to $10,000 for diplomas in business and IT, but the AFP alleges neither college is actually doing any teaching.

INGRID KUSTER: So the allegation is that there’s international and domestic students, but they don’t actually attend those institutions and they’re actually redirected off to work for contractors that have got contracts with Australia Post.

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