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AR LAW Services has 2 Big wins for boat arrival refugee cases at the IAA (Immigration Assessment Authority)

The IAA (Immigration Assessment Authority) is a specialist tribunal set up by the Government to deal with refugee appeals made by people who arrive by boat to Australia.

One of the purposes of the tribunal is to “fast track” appeals and it has a particularly notorious reputation for efficiently affirming the original decision to refuse to grant refugee applications.

It was against this setting that Peter (not real name) and Kate (not real name) retain AR LAW Services to file an appeal.

Peter and Kate were Christian Converts from a Muslim country and fear persecution were they to return to their former country.

One of the problems facing the couple was unlike other Australian tribunals or Courts – particularly the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) the IAA do not have hearings (they do very rarely have interviews), consequently the AR LAW Services was limited to only making written submissions – and those submission were subject to further restraints.

Following several formal submissions justice prevailed and Peter and Kate were found by the IAA to indeed be refugees, consequently they were spared and not deported from Australia nor do they now live in fear but rather they can remain in Australia free to worship the god of their choosing and practice their religion safe in their new home Australia.

So if you or anyone you know has had a refugee visa refused or a visa cancelled or any immigration or Citizenship issue make an appointment with a Master Migration Lawyer.

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