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Best Immigration Lawyer – update on 189 SKILLED INDEPENDENT Visa – Skilled Nominated 190 Visa & Sub 491 Skill Visa. Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and  Skilled Nominated 190 Visa

Permanent Residency Skilled Visa Matter – what clients have said
Bilal Hamid           Bilal Hamid   
Anthony Robinson is the best immigration lawyer in the town. He has processed three migration cases of my family very professionally. He is a very competent lawyer and has full command and knowledge in his area. I highly recommend to everyone. 10 out of 10.

The 189 Visa is a permanent visa that allows skilled workers to live in Australia. Talk to one of the best migration lawyers – a leader in immigration law a master migration lawyer. 


This visa provides the holder with Australian permanent residency with no conditions. The holder can live and work wherever they like in Australia. Although the visa is granted based on the holder being skilled in a specific occupation, once granted, the visa doesn’t require you to seek or maintain employment in this occupation.


To apply for this visa you must be qualified and under 45 years of age when you apply for this visa. Your nominated occupation, which fits your skills and qualifications, must be on the list of approved occupations for migration to Australia, which is adjusted by the Government from time to time. (Skilled Occupations List from DIBP) Before you apply for a visa you have to obtain a positive skills assessment by the relevant Australian skills assessing authority. You also have to show recent work experience for a period of time in your field, or in another field that is on the skilled occupation list. In addition you have to show threshold English and also meet the health, character and public interest requirements. To be granted this visa you must pass what is called the Points Test. Points are allocated for qualifications, age, English language ability, work experience, your spouse’s skills. Extra points are given to those applicants who have family in Australia, who have Australian qualifications or those with skills in demand.

Skilled Visas

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So if you or anyone you know is thinking of applying for an Australian skilled visa or has had a skilled visa refused or cancelled contact us to discuss your Appeal or Review options. 
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