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AR LAW Services wins Justice and Safety for a victim of domestic/family violence

A woman in a same sex relationship retained AR LAW Services after the break down of her relationship.

The woman – a well educated and successful business leader – had been living in Australia for many years. She was for all intents and purposes an Australia.

Her relationship had been on foot for many years when the sponsor began to behave in an abusive and violent manner. (Including death threats towards our client and her family.)

AR LAW Services assisted with an police intervention order and with the migration/visa issues.

After many hours recounting harrowing and horrific events for affidavits and statements to the AR team: AR LAW Services have a team of highly trained mental health professionals to help in these sorts of cases.

AR LAW Services were successful in securing our client PR – Australian permanent residence – independent of her abusive sponsor/partner.

It was a powerful win for our client on several grounds but importantly it was at the Department level – the client was spared the grueling ordeal of going to the AAT (the tribunal) or the Federal Court. (Not to mention how much money AR LAW Services saved her by winning at the department level.)

Consequently with the expert help and assistance AR LAW Services provided her the client – from the dark abyss of a domestically violent and abusive relationship, where she faced the constant threat of violence and “deportation” or removal from her life in Australia – she is now free of that scourge and has now begun the rest of her life that brims with opportunity in this great country of Australia.

It is a story we at AR LAW Services are very proud of and one that sends a profound message of support and of hope.

So if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship or is being mistreated by a Sponsoring partner talk to us.

AR LAW Services are not only Masters of Migration and Visa law but we have extensive experience in family violence cases, this is an extremely complex and specialist area of Australian immigration law and that is where a Master Migration Law with over 20 years experience may give you the edge you need.

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