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Lump Sum/Fix professional fees: Certainty in these times of Change – For Peace of Mind

As we all know the present time is very volatile – things are changing rapidly in the world’s economy and politics: this is no more apparent than in the immigration space. That is why AR LAW Services is proud to announce – for qualifying visa applicants – that AR LAW Services is now offering fixed professional fee packages:

To take some of the worry out of the visa application process. So you can plan with confidence.

Because AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyers understand that applying for an Australian visa or appealing a visa refusal or cancellation can be confusing, difficult and very stressful.

So for certainty in these uncertain times ask us about our Fixed Professional Fee Package

Therefore if you or anyone you know is thinking of applying or currently has an application for an Australian visa talk to us

Call 03 9614 0218 or email to make an initial 30 Minute consultation at our Melbourne office. (conditions apply)

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