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New regional visa blamed for a HUGE BRAIN DRAIN that may starve the major city of skilled staff who are leaving for Sydney and Melbourne

As reported by News, Government plans to force tens of thousands of new migrants to settle in regional towns will do nothing to stop the population explosion in Australia’s two largest cities.

In fact, it could do more harm than good with a throttling back on immigration leading Sydney and Melbourne to sate its thirst for new workers by emptying regional towns and cities of skilled workers, a leading demographer has said.

Adelaide is most in the firing line. The voracious labour appetite of Sydney and Melbourne was causing a brain drain that was increasingly “sucking in” skilled residents from elsewhere.

Professor of demography at Melbourne University, Peter McDonald, said it wasn’t just Adelaide — Perth and even New Zealand could see more of their population leave for Australia’s two largest metropolises as well as Brisbane.

In March, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said permanent migration would be capped at 160,000 annually while 23,000 skilled migrants per year seeking a pathway to permanent residency will now have to live in regional areas for three years.

That lowers the migration cap down from 190,000. However, in reality, Australia has already hit that target with around 162,000 new residents entering the country last year. (for full story see

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