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Scrap billion-dollar visa platform outsourcing says Senate Committee

As noted in Senate committee wants IT build pulled in-house.

The federal government should scrap the planned outsourcing of Australia’s new billion-dollar Visa Processing Platform and instead build the system in-house, a senate committee has found.

The finding is contained in the Legal and Constitution Affairs Committee Report into the impact of changes to service delivery models on administration and running of government programs.

The report, released on Thursday, recommends the government “not proceed” with the request for tender for the global digital platform and instead “fund and deliver an in-house solution”.

It comes just days after one of the main backers behind one of two consortia bidding on the deal, Pacific Blue Capital CEO Scott Briggs (for full story)

So what does it mean? Well, in short, it is about out sourcing of Visa applications to the private sector and the risk not only to the visa applicants but also to Australia’s national security.

The only certainty in all this instability and times of rapid and unpredictable times of change is you are going to need a lawyer!

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