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Sponsored Visas: 457, 482 ENS – What to do when business goes bust! Sponsors & Visa holders.

From Shannon Bennett’s Benny Burger chain to Heston Blumenthal and now the big story George Calombaris.

Many overseas workers – visa holders – are impacted when Australian businesses “go to the wall” – that is go broke, go out of business or downsize.

It is a complex legal web of employment and migration law, to sponsor an overseas workers – either as temporary workers 457/482 visas or permanent workers: ENS visas.

Complex and sometime problematic for both the Sponsor – the business owner and the visa applicant, see below for more on 482 visas

As a Sponsor you need to protect your business and comply with the obligations – very onerous obligations of being a sponsor. A breach can be a very serious matter.

AR LAW Services have over the last twenty (20) years helped many businesses – hospitals – dental clinics – restaurants – high tec & software companies – accounting firms just to name a few.

I also have run many many AAT and Federal Court matters regarding failed – refused and cancelled – sponsor and nomination cases in addition to countless Visa refusal cases.

In addition to this sort of work AR LAW SERVICES has an expert knowledge in employment law contracts which is central to the Australia Sponsor Visa system. So we are well place to assist in both setting up and application from the very beginning to assisting at a later stage when things go wrong.

For both the Business and for the Visa applicant – compliance/fairwork issues to natural justice matters. Civil, Administrative and even Criminal law issues.

So if you run a business and wish to “sponsor” and employ a foreign nation or you, your family or anyone you know is currently on a temporary work visa and wishes to apply for an ENS or 482 visa contact us to discuss your options. 

Remember to increase your chances of winning your case TRUST ONLY a Master Migration Lawyer andmake an appointment with AR LAW Services: Master Migration Lawyer.

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